• Glass Partitions

    Glass Partition Walls

    At Innovative Office Partitions, our company provides services to help transform your dull business work environment into a stylish, sleek and light filled environment 

    using our office partitioning.

    The new space room will be warm, open, full of light and welcoming. You can select from different types of aluminium and glass partitions projects for your company. 

    We can create a look for your business meeting rooms, boardrooms and cubicle for clients that will address your needs and suit your specific workspace vision and requirements.

    Office glass partition walls and glass doors allow unlimited choices to make your interior space spectacular. 

    Doors are fitted with premium quality locks,, handles, and bolts. Your new business office space will showcase style and interior design for your office.

    Whether you are searching for a contemporary layout for your office spaces or a more traditional corporate look, the best alternative for office partitioning is glass.

  • Glass Balustrades

    Glass balustrade

    We specialise in contemporary glazing practices that allow us to create custom frameless glass expanses without compromising on safety.

    The use of glass in interior and exterior spaces help to improve layouts and create a minimalist look while maintaining safety.

    Our Balustrades are an innovative structural frameless glass that can be used in architectural interiors and exteriors. 

    We have an our own design team for engineered solutions, ensuring each commissioned piece is fit for purpose- and compliant to British Standards and 

    Regulatory requirements- without compromising on style. our Products are ideal in extreme weather and marine environments, and delivers a clean, sophisticated finish.

    When engineered to withstand loads required by compliant handrails, Glass balustrades supplied with a site specific and independently engineered fit-for-purpose

    certification for full compliance to meet all standards.

    Strong, sturdy and beautiful in clarity, our glass balustrades remains safe even in the unlikely event of breakage. The interlayer used keeps glass fragments together, 

    keeping the panel whole and in place with minimal sagging. Damaged pool fences and balustrades will continue to provide safe protection until replacement is possible.

    Developed over years with engineers and technical experts, we can guarantee that our glass balustrades meets all safety requirements while offering great design scope for 

    most sizes, thickness or fixing options.

  • Glass Door

    The Frameless Glass Swing Door is our luxury glass door solution that is completely customisible and is compatible with every partition system we offer 

    as well as solid traditional walls. Free swing and self-closing are options that are offered with this versatile solution. 

    Custom assemblies and custom finishes are also offered with the Pivot or hinged Frameless Glass Swing Door. 

    The two-way opening doors can fit with almost every system we offer and are available with numerous handle options, both locking and standard.

    The door accommodates tempered, laminated, low iron glazing, and can be clear, extra clear(low iron), tinted grey or frosted finish. The Frameless Glass Swing Door fits into

    a straight or curved configuration and the only limit to it’s height is the weight which can be up to 100kg. A pair of doors is also an option for wider entries. 

    The Frameless Glass Door is compatible with any of the hardware we offer; locking and non-locking.

    The Frameless Glass Swing Door is completely compatible with all of our systems which are fully demount able.

  • Glass Canopies

    Frameless glass canopies create a modern addition to the external facade for warm and inviting look. Glass in building design, adds a contemporary twist to the facade 

    while enhancing the surrounding architectural design.

    They can be used for a variety of external additions including balconies and to create a contemporary front porch. Glass canopies can also be designed to offer a shelter over 

    seating areas next to buildings, such as a bench placed against the external face of the building. 

    The minimalist design of the structural glass canopy creates an elegant design, its invisibility allows for the surrounding building aesthetic to make a statement. 

    For an incredibly clear design, we recommend using low iron glass which removes the green tinge often seen in standard float glass to ensure a beautifully clear finish. 

    Structural glass canopies can be created by extending glass from an existing wall, we can offer many design and architectural solutions because our product can be 

    customized to customer requirements.

  • Glass Panels

    The glass panels are a very versatile item as they can used as room dividers, as staircase elements, doors, as elements in the bathroom design, in the kitchen, table tops, 

    balustrades, glass canopies, basically anywhere your imagination tells you to use them. Also they can be very easily included outdoors since glass is resistant to 

    water and other natural elements. You can create a very modern and beautiful design by using these unique glass panels we can manufacture to your requirements. 

    So if you think it’s time to add a modern touch to your home, consider using glass panels. They are very practical and they also add an aesthetically pleasant look. 

    Because of their versatility they can be used for many different purposes and you can create continuity throughout the house. 

    Even though they are made of glass, they are very thick and toughened so you don’t have to worry about your safety. The panels are very sturdy and durable.

  • Shower cubicles

    Sower enclosures are the epitome of comfort and style. Thanks to the importance we place on innovation and the latest in technology, such as the use of new tracks for some products,

    stability is the strength of our shower enclosures, as well as being a unique design item that can be highly customized. 

    Simple maintenance and versatility - even in situations where installation is highly complex - are an added value for these shower enclosures, ideal for any sized bathroom.

    Furthermore, the wide range of profile finishes and glass thickness choice your shower room becomes example of elegance, allowing you to select a quality shower enclosure that

    meets your functional needs perfectly.

  • Balustrade Hardware

    Fittings for balustrades framed and frameless

  • Shower Fittings

    Shower Fittings, Hinges, handles, support Bars.

  • Glass Door Hardware

    Glass door fittings can be used for glass door as well us glass door in glass partitioning.

  • Returns and Refunds

    We accept returns within 14 days for items which are not manufactured by customer requirements, glass fittings, Locks, hinges, etc.

    We charge 30% item restocking fee,  in order to receive a refund items have to be returned in unopened original packaging fully resalable new condition.

    Once Refund is issued you will be notified by email and it takes 3-5 working days to reach your account, it will be refunded to same card you made

    payment with.

    We do not accept returns for products made from glass, Glass door, glass balustrade, glass partitions, toughened glass.  

  • Deliveries

    11.1 When all Product(s) which are the subject of an Order have been manufactured or received the Company will contact the Customer or the Customer’s representative to arrange Delivery

    (supply-only Orders) or Installation. Split deliveries are not normally possible to avoid loss or damage to individual items or components left on Site. The Company may at its sole discretion decide to undertake part deliveries under certain circumstances.

    11.2 All deliveries for supply-only Orders are chargeable at the rate shown in your Estimate. No delivery charge is usually payable when the Company is also undertaking installation of the Product(s).

    11.3 Specific delivery times are not available although we will generally indicate AM or PM to assist your planning. Many factors outside our control affect delivery times and we cannot guarantee to meet our 

    scheduling although we can arrange for our drivers or installers to contact you when in close proximity for you to make arrangements for access. The Company does not accept liability for any costs or damages 

    including direct indirect or consequential losses arising out of late delivery of any Product(s) whether such delivery is by our own transport or third party delivery.

    11.4 Deliveries will be made to the Site address unless previously advised otherwise. Late changes to the delivery address may affect the pre-arranged delivery date and can incur additional costs.

    11.5 The Customer must give the Company at least two (2) days notice (our transport) or five (5)

    days notice (third party delivery) if a pre-arranged delivery date needs to be changed. Failure to

    meet this provision will result in an additional delivery charge which must be paid before a further delivery date can be arranged.

    11.6 Where Product(s) are available for delivery and The Customer wishes to delay delivery by more than five (5) working days we will store the goods at your risk. The balance of the Order value minus the 

    installation charge then becomes due and payable. The Company will undertake to store deliverable Product(s) for up to one (1) calendar month from the original delivery date

    and reserves the right to charge storage fees at a daily rate dependant on the size and value of the stored Product(s). Any such storage charge must be paid before the Product(s) can then be released from our 

    warehouse for delivery.

    11.7 It is the responsibility of the Customer to provide adequate handling time plus easy and close access and safe secure storage space on Site for the Product(s). For supply-only Orders a Delivery Note will be 

    sent which must be signed by an authorised signatory to confirm safe receipt of the Product(s). If no authorised signatory is available the Product(s) will be returned to the

    Company’s warehouse and a further delivery must be arranged which will incur an additional delivery charge.

    11.8 All risk in the Product(s) shall pass to the Customer upon delivery.

    11.9 The Product(s) must be inspected on delivery and any damages and/or shortages identified to the driver and detailed on the Delivery Note. No shortage, faulty or damaged goods claims will be recognised unless 

    identified to the driver at time of delivery. ‘Not checked’ on the Delivery Note is not acceptable in the event of a subsequent claim.

    Delivery times may wary depending on product you have purchased, it takes 2-3 working days for glass fittings, 3-5 working days for long items and 5-15 working days for items made from glass.

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